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  • Probably Live Tour Episode 2
    Continuation and end of the series of Francis Rimbert, Itinerary of a spoiled musician, with this last episode mainly devoted to extracts from concerts.
  • Itinerary of a Spoiled Musician: Probably Live Tour
    It is Janet Woollacott, the wife of Dominique Perrier, who inspired the title of this new episode of Itinerary of a spoiled musician, the series of souvenir videos offered by Francis Rimbert. For this third part, the “In-doors” tour of 2009 is in the spotlight. Throughout this episode, customs checks, roadside rest stops, images of rehearsals Read more …
  • Visions Nocturnes, the program: “Spatial dimensions”
    First broadcast on Saturday October 22 at 18 p.m., rebroadcast on Sunday 23 at 22 p.m. In this issue of Night Visions, we are going to take measurements. We are going to familiarize ourselves with the spatial dimensions. 'orbit Read more …
  • Magical Oxygene Tour, Episode 2
    Continuation of this trip behind the scenes of the Oxygène Tour proposed by Francis Rimbert.

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