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  • The stopovers of the solar system, Uranus & Neptune
    First broadcast on Saturday June 25 at 18 p.m. Rebroadcast on Sunday 26 at 22 p.m. The depths of the solar system, we are almost there, if we consider that Pluto is still part of it, with a duo spaced more than 1 billion 600 million KM Uranus and Neptune. For these last 2 planets Read more …
  • Solstice Special
    See you Monday, June 20 from 21 p.m. on Bandcamp in video and on Radio Equinoxe in audio for a special Solstices program. On the program: presentation of the project and the artists, and one (or two) surprise(s)! And just after the show, on Radio Equinoxe, full broadcast of the album.
  • Favorite for AstroVoyager
    For the latest issue of Coup de Cœur, we will welcome one of our most faithful friends, Philippe Fagnoni, pilot of AstroVoyager, who will come to answer our questions and present his projects to you. First broadcast on Friday June 3 at 18 p.m., rebroadcast on Sunday June 5 at 21 p.m. Go to the chat for your questions Read more …
  • Night Visions: “The Stopovers of the Solar System, Saturn”
    First broadcast on Saturday May 28 at 18 p.m., rebroadcast on Sunday May 29 at 22 p.m. Our stopovers in the solar system extend to 1.5 billion km. We are going to fly over the environment of Saturn and its famous rings. Hovering and progressive the music of Visions Nocturnes. Barely recovered from the disappearance of Klaus Schulze, Read more …

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